Fuchsia Lips

My beauty obsession of the week: fuchsia lips. In replacement of a statement necklace this fall, opt for a statement lip instead. Better yet combine the two, as my newest beauty obsession is as wondrously versatile as it is surprisingly classy. Sporting a stand out lip color has become increasingly popular, and my favorite new hue by far is fuchsia.  Since this color is meant to be fun, play around with it when putting together your outfit to mix and match un-expected color combos (my particular favorites when donning fuchsia lips are navy or bright yellow). However, make sure when trying out this bold look, to stick with simple eye makeup (such as a strip of liquid eyeliner on your upper lid to create a cat eye), otherwise the look can take on a clown like effect.  Celebrity fans: Emma Stone, Rashida Jones, Jessica Alba.

Ombré Hair

My beauty obsession of the week: Ombré Hair. Anyone who knows me knows that I have had an ongoing love affair with this look for approximately the last year. However, now that the summer months are quickly approaching, ombré hair has come back in full force! Ombré is a french word meaning “shadow”, or a gradation in color. Essentially, this is what the style entails: your hair gradating from dark at the roots, to light at the tips. After finally trying the look for myself there were a few great things that I discovered. 1) It is possibly the easiest hair color to maintain as the more your roots grow out, the better it looks 2) You can control how drastic you want it to be. Either lighten the tips slightly for a subtly summer kissed look, or go for a more extreme variation by dyeing the bottom of your hair as light as possible. I myself initially tried a more understated version of the ombré to begin with, and then discovered I loved it so much that I went back to the salon and had it lightened significantly more for the Spring! Celebrity fans: Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore, Alexa Chung. Below is a link to a step-by-step guide to DIY, however now that this look has become so popular, more and more hair salons are now offering this hair coloring technique at a fairly inexpensive price!

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(Photo source: https://www.tumblr.com)

The Jazzy Nail

Beauty obsession of the week: the jazzy nail. For those of you who do not know, the newly dubbed “jazzy nail” or “jazzy finger” is when the index finger on each of your hands is a different color from the rest of your manicure.  A favorite of celebrities, this look adds a dash of surprise to your beauty regimen, without being too over the top. To add a little bit of drama to the look, paint the index finger with a sparkly polish to truly contrast with the rest of your nails! Just be careful not to paint this finger a color too close to nude, otherwise it can look like you simply forgot to paint that nail. Celebrity fans: Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens.

(Photo source: http://rusticbeauty.tumblr.com/)

Fishtail Braids

My beauty obsession of the week: fishtail braids. A little bit bohemian flair, a little non-fuss high fashion, the fishtail braid has quickly become the easiest way to accessorize any outfit. Lately, this hairstyle has been seen everywhere from the runways in Milan, to the streets of Brooklyn, due to its effortlessly chic vibe. However, while this variation on the classic braid may look complex, it is actually quite simple, requiring only a few minor adjustments to create it. This look becomes particularly striking if you have multiple highlights and lowlights in your hair, as this will bring the real intricacy of this braid to life. Celebrity fans: Blake Lively, Diane Kruger, Nicole Richie. Below is a link to an easy step by step guide for creating the look yourself:

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(photo source: http://cococeline.blogspot.com/)

Pastel Nailpolish

My beauty obsession of the week: pastel nails. In my mind pastels are the new “neutral” nail. Versatile and fun, pastel nail polish is the perfect accessory for any outfit (whether you are going to work, or going out). My personal favorite: lavender. While this color is classy and unique, it will never distract from your outfit, only enhance it. Some other great options? Mint, light blue, and sunny yellow. Don’t hesitate to try interesting combos (think leopard print and neon fabrics), pastels will never clash with another color! What could be more beautiful than that?